Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Vol.6 No.2 1990 CONTENTS


Evaluation of Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Ventricular Overload in Infants with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Yoshiharu Eto, et al. ……224 Full text PDF
Exercise-Induced Ventricular Arrhythmias in Kawasaki Disease with Aneurysms of Coronary Arteries
Susumu Minamisawa, et al. ……231 Full text PDF
Noninvasive Evaluation of Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity in Patients Having Recovered from Kawasaki Disease
Tetsurow Umezawa, et al. ……240 Full text PDF
The Rate of Change of the Left Atrial Dimension by the Digitized M-mode Echocardiography in a Pediatric Population
Kazuhiro Mori, et al. ……245 Full text PDF
Balloon Valvuloplasty and Angioplasty for Heart Disease in Children
Kei Nishimoto, et al. ……254 Full text PDF
Percutaneous Balloon Valvuloplasty for Critical Aortic Stenosis
Shigehiro Yajima, et al. ……263 Full text PDF
Catheter Balloon Angioplasty for Postoperative Obstructive Vascular Lesions
Yasutoshi Matsumoto, et al. ……271 Full text PDF
Right and Left Ventricular Functions Before and After Reoperation for Residual Pulmonary Regurgitation or Stenosis
Akio Sunakawa, et al. ……280 Full text PDF
Pulmonary Venous Flow Pattern in Cases Underwent Fontan Procedure
Susumu Kanda, et al. ……288 Full text PDF
Significance of Predictive Left Ventricular Wall Stress of the Complete Common Atrioventricular Canal in Infancy
Masashi Seguchi, et al. ……293 Full text PDF
Natural History of 57 Patients with Ebstein’s Anomaly of the Tricuspid Valve -In Relation to Indication and Timing of Surgery-
Yuji Nakajima, et al. ……299 Full text PDF

Case Report

Three Cases of Sinus Arrest for More Than 4 Seconds During Sleep at Night
Shosei Hayashi, et al. ……306 Full text PDF
A Case of Congenital Pulmonary Vein Obstruction
Shingo Nakayama, et al. ……315 Full text PDF
3 Autopsy Cases of Coronary Aneurysms Seen in Children without the History of Kawasaki Disease
Kei Takahashi, et al. ……322 Full text PDF
Communication of Coronary Sinus with Left Atrium (Unroofed Coronary Sinus): A Case Report Diagnosed Preoperatively
Tokuko Shinohara, et al. ……328 Full text PDF