Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Vol.21 No.5 2005 CONTENTS


Longitudinal Lifelong Medicine: From Conception to Graveyard
Atsuyoshi Takao


Toward a Molecular Understanding of Cardiovascular Development in the 21st Century: From Genes to Morphology
Hiroyuki Yamagishi ……537 Full text PDF


Usefulness and Problems of Fetal Heart Screening
Noboru Inamura, et al. ……545 Full text PDF
Coronary Aneurysm of Kawasaki Vasculitis Showing Typical Features of Senescence
Ryuji Fukazawa, et al. ……553 Full text PDF

Case Report

Surgical Repair of Non-committed VSD Diagnosed Intraoperatively in Double-outlet Right Ventricle with Pulmonary Stenosis
Shinya Yokoyama, et al. ……559 Full text PDF
A Patient with Hyperkalemic Cardiac Arrest after Successful Treatment of Open-heart Surgery Using a Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Michiko Arata, et al. ……564 Full text PDF

Editorial Comments

Emphasis on the Stratification of Fetal Echocardiographic Screening and Education of Screeners
Satoshi Yasukochi ……551 Full text PDF
Hyperkalemic Cardiac Arrest after Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Tadashi Ikeda ……568 Full text PDF