Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Vol.22 No.6 2006 CONTENTS


The Need to Revise Postgraduate Education in Cardiac Pathology
Toyoki Fukuda

Special Contributions

Doctors’ Leadership Needed in Organ Transplant Law Revision
Akira Maemura ……622 Full text PDF

Feature Articles

Cardiac Transplantation: Problems of Treatment and Follow-up
Explanatory Note
Yasuo Ono, et al ……625 Full text PDF
Post-transplant Complications in the Late Stage of Pediatric Heart Transplantation
Shinichi Nunoda, et al. ……626 Full text PDF
Post-transplantation Complications and Quality of Life Following Pediatric Heart Transplantation
Shigetoyo Kogaki, et al. ……632 Full text PDF
Problems with Pediatric Heart Transplantation Outside Japan
Hidemi Dodo, et al. ……639 Full text PDF

Case Report

Two Cases of Foramen Ovale Narrowing or Closing in the Fetal Period Presenting a Different Clinical Course
Yukiko Kawazu, et al. ……643 Full text PDF
Response to Cibenzoline in a Child with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Hirokuni Yamazawa, et al. ……648 Full text PDF