Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Vol.27 No.6 2011 CONTENTS


What Can We Do Now to Establish a System of Heart Transplantation in Japan ?
Yasuo Ono


What will Happen to Eponyms ? A Short Report on the Chapel Hill
Consensus Conference on Vasculitis Nomenclature 2011

Kei Takahashi, et al ……253 Full text PDF
Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease
Kagami Miyaji ……257 Full text PDF
Neonatal Marfan Syndrome and Review of 12 Cases in Japan
Toru Iwasa, et al ……262 Full text PDF

Original Articles

Recanalization of Occluded or Severely Stenotic Ilio-femoral Veins
in Infants: Use of Express Vascular LD Stents

Takahiro Nishioka, et al ……270 Full text PDF
Outcomes in Children with Mitral Valve Prolapse
Toshimasa Nakada ……275 Full text PDF
Therapeutic Catheterization Through the Side-cell of Stent
Hideshi Tomita, et al ……280 Full text PDF

Case Report

A New Approach to Balloon Atrial Septostomy from the Umbilical Vein
for a Very Low Birth Weight Infant: A Case Report

Akane Kadota, et al ……286 Full text PDF