Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Vol.17 No.4 2001 CONTENTS


Assessment of fetal well-being
Yoshio Matsuda, M.D. ……518 Full text PDF


Therapeutic Strategies of Pulmonary Atresia with Intact Ventricular Septum
Kazuo Momma, et al. ……526 Full text PDF
Recent Experience of Infective Endocarditis in Single Institute
– The latest microbiological profile and prevalence of adults with congenital heart disease –
Sho Takeda, et al. ……534 Full text PDF
Clinicopathological Assessment of Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation in Children with Polysplenia Syndrome
Makoto Takeuchi, et al. ……542 Full text PDF
Bidirectional Glenn Procedure as Staged Reconstruction for the Functional Single Ventricle
Kouichirou Takeda, et al. ……550 Full text PDF
Ventricle-Pulmonary artery conduit for Right Isomerism, Pulmonary Atresia, and TAPVR
Yoshifumi Fujimoto, et al. ……565 Full text PDF
Preoperative autologous blood donations in pediatric surgery
Masanobu Yamauchi, et al. ……572 Full text PDF
Transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum combined with coarctation of the aorta.
– A report of three surgical experiences
Yoshikazu Tsuruhara, et al. ……580 Full text PDF

Case Report

A case of primary pulmonary hypertension after cessation of continuous prostacyclin infusion
– Consideration of chronic effect of prostacyclin –
Tomoyuki Miyamoto, et al. ……585 Full text PDF
Severe aortic regurgitation after pericarditis in a case with congenital bicuspid aortic valve :
Treatment with long-term enalapril
Masayuki Teraguchi, et al. ……591 Full text PDF
Improvement of unbalanced pulmonary perfusion after stenting in a patient of single ventricle with bidirectional cavopulmonary shunt
Tomoko Kita, et al. ……602 Full text PDF